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Comitatus is Britain's leading Late Roman re-enactment group helping to set a new standard in historical authenticity. Putting on highly professional events across the country, the group is able to bring to an event a complete living history presentation demonstrating the life and skills of the Late Roman army, including infantry, cavalry, artillery, archery, gladiators, hunting and everyday life.

The group also enjoys re-creating other aspects of classical antiquity, such as earlier Romans, the Greek and Hellenistic period, and Celtic Britain. We are the only organisation in the world able to field ancient Greek cavalrymen, riding in the correct equipment without saddles or stirrups. We offer a selection of highly professional, exciting and educational displays that entertain thousands of people, across the country, each year. And as ever, our reconstructed artefacts are of the highest standard and are not just for show. We actually use them!

About Us

Comitatus members present full living history interpretations from within an authentic tented encampment based on the craft skills of the legionaries and their families.

Rather than 'battle re-enactment', our field displays show authentic training based on manuals of the period, complete with Latin drill, missile competition, sharp weapons demonstration, combat sparring and, whenever possible, an opportunity for young members of the public to experience things first-hand.

The group is always expanding and taking on new and exciting aspects of historical re-enactment.

Our members are dedicated enthusiasts who enjoy what they do and have a reputation for passing on this passion to the public! Members of the public frequently join us as members after seeing the displays, and we are always open to new recruits.

Please click here to find out how easy it is, and what an enjoyable past-time Roman re-enactment can be.

We work with a wide range of clients, from large national organisations, to independent museums and estates, to universities across the country. Some of our clients include:

Hire Us

  • £5 million of public liability insurance.

  • Comprehensive risk assessment & a safety record
    second to none.

  • Exciting & educational 30 minute displays timetabled
    throughout the day.

  • Our own PA system and professional commentary.

  • Professional approach to events based on 25 years
    of experience.

  • Family based society with activities to engage children
    e.g. kiddies drill & 'have a go' archery.

  • Reconstructed clothing and equipment of the very
    highest quality and accuracy.

Join Us

We are always open to new recruits. Members of the public frequently join us as members after seeing the displays.

Members come from all walks of life and are of all ages. However we all have an interest in Late Antiquity, and have a reputation for fun and enjoying what we do.

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