Late Roman Army

In the Later empire soldiers' families
seemed to have often moved into the forts.

3rd Century wedding ring

Life In The Legion

Historical Background
In the same way 4th century Roman Britain is perceived as materially poorer than earlier periods. But 4th century find assemblages tend to be as large if not larger than what had gone before on similar types of sites.

To combat such misconceptions Comitatus recreates the world the Legio Praesidiensis, a unit who served the Western Emperor Honorius who reigned from AD 393-423. He is often considered ineffectual and weak, but he ruled for thirty years of Rome’s most turbulent history. By AD 400 our Emperor would have been 16 years old. The power in the West was Stilicho, the magister militum or magister peditum praesentalis. His character and motives have been much questioned, but he was certainly not a Vandal barbarian as he is often portrayed. His father was a Vandal serving under the Emperor Valens in the East, and Stilicho served his whole adult life as an officer in the Roman army. Stilicho’s position was assured by his marriage in AD 384 to Serena, the beloved niece and adoptive daughter of Theodosius the Great.

Upon the death of Theodosius, Stilicho was left as the real power in the west in AD 395. His legitimacy was based on his reform of the military administration to bring it firmly under his power. By the end of the fourth century Stilicho was locked in a grand power struggle against Alaric and his Visigoths. He needed troops from Britain to aid him in this struggle.