Roman Cavalry

The Home Of Roman Cavalry

Our Roman Cavalry squadron is the largest in Britain, pushing authenticity and experimental research to new heights for the period. We reconstruct Roman cavalrymen from the Republican period through to the fall of Constantinople. However we specialise in recreating the late Roman cavalry unit, the Equites Taifali, one of the elite cavalry units stationed in Britain.

We put on fully scripted professional presentations all over the UK, with our own public address system and insurance.
Our horses are fully trained, used to public displays and we have a safety record second to none.

Using various styles of reconstructed four-horned saddles, as well as steppe saddles introduced in the mid 4th century, we put on professional presentations all over the country.
We can demonstrate:
  • The development of the Roman cavalryman.
  • Their armour and equipment.
  • The Roman cavalry sports.
  • The skills and tactics of the Roman cavalry.

Our standard presentation would demonstrate:
  • The various types of horse used by the cavalry.
  • The saddles and tack and their development.
  • The clothing and armour of the horses and men.
  • The kontos, a 4m long pike used in both hands.
  • The best horse archery in the country using a variety of bows.
  • The use of sharp spears, javelins, lead weighted throwing darts, swords.
  • Blunt training weapons used against stunt legionaries.

Visitors enjoy seeing the riders prepare, dress and arm for the display, and after the games the public get the chance to meet the riders and pet the horses.
For the Olympics year Comitatus are also demonstrating the development of cavalry throughout the classical period, from the Greeks to the Roman period.

Clients like hiring a fully professional show that they can depend upon to be entertaining and educational.

Please contact us to arrange to hire us for an event.