Greek Soldiers On Campagin

Let me first state my interest. I am interested primarily in artefacts and their reconstruction. But while a reconstructed artefact may stimulate the imagination I want to know how it is used, and if possible master something of the skill of the person who used it. In the same way a military history may be a great read, but I am always looking for the elusive glues that give us an insight to the human experience of war. The past few decades have produced many works of the mechanics of combat in the Greek world, but few have considered army life away from the "dancing fields of war". Hans van Wees influences me greatly, and I devoured John W.I. Lee's study of Xenophon's Anabasis "A Greek Army on the March" like a starving man presented with a feast. This small article is based largely on his work and I recommend people to read his excellent book.

I have also marched more miles than I care to remember with Comitatus. Days of marching and riding, plus nights around the campfire help bring history to life and give an insight in to the world of the Greek soldier on campaign.

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