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The weaponry, armour and other equipment of both a Roman legionary and a Roman Civilian in 400AD is discussed here, with reference to the kit of various members of Comitatus. The aim of this section is provide a reasonable summary of Late Roman kit and equipment, and also to highlight some of the ways in which we reflect actual epigraphic or archaeological findings within our 'impressions'.

Defensive Equipment
Missile Weapons
Hand Combat Weapons
Cavalry Items
Camp Kit
Everyday Items
Cooking, Eating and Drinking
Tools, Skills and Trade

Step By Step Dressing A Late Roman

Dress can be taken as an outward display of social status, and as a mark of ethnicity. We hope this section will develop over coming years to illustrate some of these dress variations. These clothes are not fancy dress but practical garments in which you can march, run, ride and camp. They perform better than many modern alternatives.

Roman Legionary (soft kit)
Civilian Roman Lady