Group Resources

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Comitatus Members Forum
The best English language site for discussion on recreating the late Antique period, with special attention to the military. For members only.

Armes et Guerriers au Temps des Grandes Invasions
The best non English forum on the late Roman period.
The reconstructions by various artisans are particularly of interest.

The Steppe History Forum
This covers a wide range of history, not just the late Roman period.
But it is full of interesting information and useful links.

Asian traditional archery network.
A specialist site dedicated to archery skills and equipment. An excellent site for research.

Ancient Warfare Forum - formally known as Roman Army Talk or RAT
A sort of facebook for those interested in Greek, Roman and Byzantine topics. Much discussion is between “friends” but the public areas sometimes hold interesting debates, sadly not all of it positive in nature. A good site for advertising and buying equipment.

Historic UK
A history and heritage accommodation guide, with a Living History section advertising upcoming reenactment events.